KAFOC in partnership with Child Fund and Raising Voices Uganda are implementing the Good Schools Project in the Selected supported Schools within the Divisions of Nakawa, Rubaga and Kiira Municipality. With Raising Voices as the lead technical supporter of the Programme, they gave technical support to the KAFOC staff and the Schools protagonist teachers who are taking lead in implementing the programme in their respective schools. After the inaugural training of the project in December 2018, the schools came up with a work plan which they would implement for the initial structure formation in the schools and in the community. After close to one year of implementation of the work plan, KAFOC invited the members for a catch up reflection meeting which was looking at how much of the work plan had been implemented. The different protagonist teachers presented their reports and KAFOC was able to identify where they would be supported. A new work plan was also drawn and it would be evaluated in the next meeting. This programme is intended to reduce corporal punishment in the schools by the teachers and promote positive discipline instead which is a better mechanism of instilling discipline in children.

Top: Members pose for a photo moment after the reflection meeting about Good Schools. 

KAFOC has mentored and trained its staff and community volunteers who are front line members in carrying out its community based sponsorship work. It was noted that for members to do quality work and have meaningful engagement with families, their capacity to do this must be built so that the desired results are got. Members were also tipped about how to conduct family visits, so as to engage the families that the organisation works with in result oriented sponsorship work. They were also encouraged to have evidence based work and properly document all their engagements in the field for proper review by an external party. The participants of the two day training were also advised to make it a routine to carry out family visitations because this was the only way the children would be monitored and unique situations about their families discovered and proper interventions to the the children safe, participating, healthy and in school can be taken if may be necessary.

Top: Members attend the Sponsor Relations training that was organised for them at Nakulabye Social Service Centre. 

On Monday the 23rd September 2019 the Out going Country Director of ChildFund Uganda Mr. Simba Machingaidze and the incoming Country director of Child fund Uganda Mr. Moses Otai paid a courtesy visit to KAFOC office. SIMBA was here to say farewell to the KAFOC team but also to introduce the new country director. Simba will be remembered for being very instrumental in helping KAFOC through some of the hard times and making sure the organisation is lifted to the standard where it is today. His sense of direction and willingness to support was very instrumental and the organisation will always be grateful for his support during those times and over the years he has served in the capacity as CD for ChildFund Uganda. KAFOC officially welcomes Moses, the new CD and pledge to continue with support of the work that he will be involved in with the children, their families and communities within our operation area.

The incoming CD and the Outgoing CD of child fund pose for a picture with the KAFOC team of staff and board members 

Mr. Simba Shares a light moment with the Outgoing Board chairman of KAFOC Mr. Baguma 



Child Protection Community Dialogues is a strong strategy of strengthening Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCPM). These dialogues are carried out on a quarterly basis and the choice of the community to host the Dialogue is based on the frequency of child abuse cases coming up in that particular community. KAFOC has therefore focused on educating the community members and other stakeholders that are part of this noble cause so that their capacity to report, respond and manage existing child protection issues in their community is enhanced. In this particular Zone, it was noted that there were many unreported cases of child battering especially by their stepmothers, child labor where by children are forced to abandon school for scrap collection and or stone quarrying and other forms of child labor. Community members were urged to report such cases so that appropriate action can be taken.

Top: The officer in charge Child and Family Protection Unit, Kinawataka Police station talks to community members who live in and around Kinawataka.


The Day of the African Child (DAC) commemoration is due to be held this month on the 16/06/2019. This is the time that the government and development partners of different African states reflect and evaluate the efforts that have been made to make the continent a better place for the African child - achievements, challenges and way forward. In Uganda, KAFOC has been preparing for this day by holding a Pre - (DAC) celebration at the parliament of Uganda where children of KAFOC and Acholi Child and family Programme (ACFP) were invited to participate. The children presented Poems and Skits that were intended depict the challenges that the African child faces to Members of Parliament who sit on the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children committee. The children among others talked about the different challenges that they face like floods in the city whenever it rains that prevents them from going to school, children in conflict with the law who have found a safe haven on the streets, child kidnap and sacrifice in pursuit for wealth and sexual abuse. The children also lamented that the culprits caught in these offences are minimally punished or not punished at all due to the weaknesses in the judicial and police systems of the country. They therefore urged the policy makers to help influence policies that are made to help safe guard children's rights so that the country is a better place for the children. 

The theme for this years celebration was ''Putting the Ugandan Child at the heart of sustainable development'' - Act Now

Above: Children present a poem to the members of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum for the Children in a Pre DAC commemoration at the conference hall in the Parliament of Uganda.