KAFOC has invested resources in supporting and strengthening the economic activities of the parents. Parents with already running businesses are given a capital boost which is got in kind and they can inject it into their businesses. Parents can operate the businesses while they are Saving some part of the income that they get in the Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA) groups which are within the communities where they ordinarily reside. They can borrow from these VSLA groups when they get a financial need like paying school fees for the children among other financial needs. They pay back this money according to the agreed terms and conditions which are favorable to them. The Income Generating Activities that they operate is expected to support them in managing household expenses, paying school dues and other related household expenses.

A supported Income Generating Activity of one of the parents of Mbuya community on track. The parent has managed to educate her children and take care of her family from this Income Generating Activity.

KAFOC joins the entire Africa in celebrating the Day of the African Child every year. A representative sample of the children is selected from all the four supported projects of KAFOC to participate in the event and this year's celebration was held at Luzira Secondary School play grounds. Children show cased the different talents that they have, and the children from Bbinna community composed a KAFOC song that is already recorded and out. They played games such as football, Netball, plate filling, Aerobics and many others which were done on inter community competition basis. Youths and Alumni from Bbinna community also played a skit depicting child participation in the affairs of the family. The resolution was to make the world a safer place for all children and also end violence against children. The guest of honor for the event was the KCCA OVC supervisor.

The theme for this year was ''Leave no child behind for Uganda's development''

 A youth from Bbinna community entertains guests and other children during the KAFOC Day of African Child Celebrations. 


The Education week for this year was commemorated at Nakulabye Social Service Centre in Nakulabye. Selected Children of Primary six and Primary Seven from all the other three supported projects of Bbinna, Mbuya and Kireka including Nakulabye all converged at Nakulabye Social Service Centre and participated in Quiz competitions, which was conducted by their teachers and would go a long way in improving the literacy and numeracy skills of the children as well as their mental abilities. They also participated in co -curricular activities Such as Bottle filling, Plate filling and Aerobics. This would also improve the psycho motor development of the children. 

The theme for this year's Education week was ''Education is key to a child's development''

Below Left; the motivational speaker talks to the children during the event. He advised the children take good care of themselves since they are still growing. He also advised them to refrain from running affairs with children of the opposite sex but only focus on their education since they will have enough time to have relationships when they complete their studies.

Below Right; the KAFOC Programme Manager(P.M) gives the children some words of wisdom. She encouraged the children to work hard and achieve good results because if they concentrate on their studies, only the sky can be the limit for them.


KAFOC has greatly invested in vocational skills training for its youth. The youths are entirely supported by the organisation to go through the training and once they are done with the training, they are still supported by the organisation to establish business ventures through offering them start up tools for them to begin with. Vocational skills training is vital in skilling the youths because they will immediately establish their own personal business entities that they manage for themselves and this makes them self reliant and they will also employ other youths to help them run these businesses. Some of the skills that the youths can choose from to undertake are; carpentry and joinery, hairdressing and beauty cosmetology, Plumbing, electricity and electrical installation, driving and mechanics, fashion and design, catering among other courses. After successfully completing the courses from a recognized institution, the youths walk away with their certificates which are nationally recognized and as a result can get placement anywhere within the country/region and start work. 

Below; youths from two supported projects of Bbinna and Mbuya at work in their saloons. After completion of vocational training, they were supported to open up their saloons and they are now self reliant.    


The youth in the  community meet on a quarterly basis to ensure they contribute towards decision making. They meet so that they are able to give their views on issues that affect them in the communities so that they are sent to the  KAFOC board and other authorities in the community for action.