Kampala Area Federation of Communities (KAFOC) has been in the process of electing new leaders who will form the governance structure of the organisation and will lead the organisation for the next five years which is the new extended term of office. This process started from the Cluster levels which are the family groups in which the parents of KAFOC across all the four communities ordinarily reside/live. The process of electing leaders from the clusters therefore started in May this year and the successful candidates proceeded and contested for the next level of leadership in their communities. The elected leaders who represented their zones were then sent to the zonal level and they contested to be elected as the representatives of the parents at the PEC level. They leaders elected from this level were then amalgamated to form a general assembly where by the Board members which is the supreme governing body of the organisation was elected. The elected members will steer the organisation for the next five years in office.

Above: The elected board members pose for a photo with election presiding officers from sister organisations.


Early Childhood Education and Development (ECD) has been embraced by the members of Kimwanyi community. Kimwanyi ECD is one of the two ECD centres that is supported by KAFOC. KAFOC therefore officially opened its face lifted ECD centre of Kimwanyi in Wakiso district with Her Royal Highness the queen of Buganda Kingdom the chief guest. Other guests included the Country Director, KAFOC programme Manager and other invited guests from the district officials. The queen mother donated many goodies to the ECD centre like dolls, books, school bags and many more. 

Left HRH cuts the cake with the children of the ECD centre in Kimwanyi. Right HRH takes a tour of the centre with the Country director Mr. Simba Machingaidze and Prossie Maraka the Programme Manager KAFOC.

KAFOC runs community dialogues in all the zones of its four supported communities of Nakulabye, Mbuya, Bbiina and Kireka. The dialogues are child protection community dialogues which are usually attended by the parents and other community members. Parents meet with the community staff and talk about issues that affect the children in as far as child protection is concerned. Child Protection (C.P) is the niche of KAFOC and the organisation is incorporating this in all its programming interventions. Children and Youths Adult Partnerships (CYAP) is the next category of community dialogues that are carried out by KAFOC. This is a programme that was launched by the organization and youth focal persons, Male and Female together with one focal person for the Adults who is one of the KAFOC staff were selected. CYAP is a initiative that seeks to improve the relationship among the youths, children and their Adult counterparts who are the parents/caregivers.

The community chairperson Mbuya talks to the parents, children and youths in a recent CYAP dialogue meeting in Mutungo.



Peer Education in schools and in the community is one of the programmes that Kampala Area Federation of Communities (KAFOC) has been implementing in order to support the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) needs of the children and the youths out there in the communities. KAFOC, in preparation to implement this programme identified five youths for each supported communities of Mbuya, Bbinna, Kireka and Nakulabye who were trained in peer education and these youths are the ones who would then reach out to fellow youths and children in the supported government schools with peer education messages in a bid to provide enough information to the children and youths about their lives. The children and youths are given information in areas like adolescence, life skills, stress management, relationships, drug abuse among other important topics to their lives. They are also shown places where they can access more information or get more specialized guidance and counselling within their communities so that they can make the right life choices. 

Above is a photo of children and youths from Bikere, Mbuya and Kitintale zones under Mbuya community gathered for a peer education session at Mbuya community office premises. They brainstormed several topics including the ones mentioned above through open discussions. In this way, the children and youths improve their knowledge sharing ability hence passing on vital SRH information and share experiences together.

KAFOC supports VSLA groups within the communities of its jurisdiction. Parents who live within the same clusters come together and form the VSLA groups and they start saving and they can then borrow the money if the need arises. Members are trained in responsibility sharing, group dynamics, following the group constitutions which are made by the members them selves and saving with a purpose not just saving for its sake. Group members are lectured about sharing responsibility and keeping accurate records of passbooks to ensure that all members are actively involved in the affairs of the group and to also ensure that there are no losses for the group. At the end of the saving day, all the money saved is banked in the bank to ensure safety of members savings.

A women'savings group of Bbinna community in one of their weekly sittings. They meet on a weekly basis and save as well as disburse loans to members and the loans are paid back with an interest that benefits all members.