Kampala Area Federation of Communities (KAFOC) supported youths to enroll for Vocational Training and skilling program at Nile Vocational and Training Institute (NVI)- Jinja City and at Management Training and Advisory Centre, Nakawa - Kampala City. The youth who were identified pursued different vocational training trades/skills and they were enrolled in the year 2021 with all the related challenges of lockdowns for all educational institutions in a bid to prevent the further spread of the deadly COVID -19 Virus. This disrupted their training but nevertheless, they completed their training and this year, (2022), KAFOC held a ceremony that officially graduated them from the training as they were sent out to the outside world. They also received their training certificates on this day as they were officially conferred to them by the Program Manager - KAFOC in the presence of other staff and well wishers who came along to advise the youths about how to prosper after training. They were tipped about how to market themselves, behave well, be patient as new comers in the labor industry and above all staying focused as they chase their dreams.  

Upper Left: The KAFOC Program Manager hands over a certificate to one of the Graduands at the KAFOC Board room.

Upper Right: The KAFOC Program Manager (Extreme right) shares a Photo moment with the youths together with the KAFOC Program Officer (Extreme left).

Below: A well wisher and a professional in the industry gives advice and words of wisdom to the youths as they keenly listen.

KAFOC supported 59 households which were affected by floods in Bbiina Community with blankets and bed sheets for the children. The affected families are living on the shores of lake Victoria in the villages of Portbell, Pandapyer, Luzira, Kirombe and Kasokoso in Kampala and Wakiso Districts. Vendors and residents in these villages are living in uncertainty because the floods have submerged markets, the landing site and residential houses. A big number of houses, shops and food stalls have all been  plunged into the water. This has caused untold devastation in the affected communities as many have lost their Socio-economic well being. When it comes to the well being of children, this has not been spared as Play grounds for children have been filled up by floods and the children have lost their social life which is very vital to their holistic development. Floods of this magnitude have not been seen before and were never envisaged and to that effect, government authorities (NEMA, KCCA, Ministry of water and environment) have urged the affected residents to find safer places for their habitation. Over 295 children in the 59 supported families are negatively impacted by floods in the mentioned villages.


An emergency proposal was developed by KAFOC and submitted to its donor seeking resources to come up with an emergency response for the calamity caused by the floods. In response to the emergency, 59 affected households were supported with direct cash transfer for their immediate survival interns of helping them access basic needs and in addition, children living in the affected households also received blankets and bed sheets to keep them warm during the cold weather. The intervention was well appreciated by the community as said by some members below

Mrs Grace said ''we are so grateful for the support given to our children, we hope that this will go a long way in improving our situation''

Muhammad (Child) said ''am happy for the blanket and bed sheets. I used to feel cold at night but now am going keep myself warm with this blanket. May God bless KAFOC''

Below: KAFOC staff handing over bed sheets and blankets to some of the children from households affected by the floods.

















Uganda like the entire world has been affected by the global pandemic of COVID 19. The most affected are the over 15 million school going children whose schools have been closed as a way of reducing the spread of the virus. The government of Uganda in a bid to reach out to these children started digital classes on TV and radio stations and also distributing self learning materials however, as of today 3 months into the school lock down 60% of the children have not received any of the reading materials as promised.

KAFOC with support from ChildFund embarked on a process of reaching children with the MoE approved self learning materials as a strategy to reach out to as many children as possible in the 4 affiliate communities of Kireka, Mbuya, BbIina and Nakulabye. Over 800 children have so far been reached with the self help reading materials. 

Above: Children of Kiira Municipality in Wakiso District pose with some of the self learning materials given to them by KAFOC.


As part of programming for the young people, Youth are supported to access vocational training in marketable and important skills from reputable training institutes. The skills gained during the training then helps them to compete for jobs in the market and also help them earn a living. This deters them from engaging in harmful practices such drug abuse and sexual activities which would lead to teenage pregnancies and other complications. Some of the courses include tailoring, hairdressing, Early childhood development teaching, vehicle mechanics and very many other marketable skills. At the end of each course youth are graduated in a ceremony and given start up kits.

This year KAFOC graduated over 18 youth in the different skills and in a ceremony attended by the Country director of ChildFund Uganda, the youth were graduated off and handed certificates

Above Left: Youth poss for a picture after receiving Certificates Center: The Country director ChildFund Uganda is joined by the Board Chairperson KAFOC to cut cake with the graduating youth Left: The Children and youth executive representative on the board and also Board Secretary Rachel (in yellow dress) was one of the graduates of the day. 

Kampala Area Federation of Communities (KAFOC) with support from its Funding Partner, Child Fund has supported vulnerable families which were grossly affected directly or indirectly by the COVID 19 restrictions by the government in a bid to control the spread of the deadly virus. Most of the supported families lost their livelihoods and were therefore not able to continue providing for themselves since most of them are people who survive from hand to mouth. This means that the longer they take to resume their usual normal routines, the harder it becomes for them to take care of their families. With that fact in mind, KAFOC provided cash transfer which was wired directly to the registered telephone lines of the vulnerable families and so they could choose what to buy with the money and in what quantity. This cash transfer helped most of the families see out the long days of the lock down. It was also very timely since most of the families were practically eating too little or nothing at all and the possibilities of getting what to eat were diminishing by each passing day of the lock down. With the support, many families bought essential food stuffs to be eaten by the family in the coming weeks as they waited for the next move by authorities.

Up: One of the vulnerable families in Kasokoso Zone pose with their food stuffs that they purchased using the Cash Transfer support extended to them by KAFOC.