A Happy Child in a
Happy Community
  • 2020 Youth day Graduation
    2020 Youth day Graduation

    Some of the graduating Youth

  • Distribution of Learning materials
    Distribution of Learning materials

    Children after receiving self help learning materials 

  • Fair well Simba
    Fair well Simba

    Out going CD ChildFund ugand posing with the Incoming CD and the KAFOC staff and board 

  • Child Fund Uganda patron's visit to KAFOC.
    Child Fund Uganda patron's visit to KAFOC.

    KAFOC Staff take a group photograph during the event.

  • Child Fund Uganda patron's visit to KAFOC.
    Child Fund Uganda patron's visit to KAFOC.

    The Nnabagereka of Buganda visits the children of Kimwanyi ECD centre in their classrooms.

  • Child Fund Uganda patron's visit to KAFOC.
    Child Fund Uganda patron's visit to KAFOC.

    HRH, the Nnabagereka of Buganda donates school bags to the children of Kimwanyi ECD centre, in Wakiso district.

  • Day of the African Child celebrations 2017
    Day of the African Child celebrations 2017

    Youth day celebrations

Welcome to KAFOC

Kampala Area Federation Of communities (KAFOC) is an urban based implementing partner supported by ChildFund International.  We work in 3 divisions (Lubaga and Nakawa in Kampala district & Kira Municipality in Wakiso district).  Our niche is in child Protection where we want to see happy children in happy communities.  We can only achieve this with the involvement of all stakeholders around the child the first being their immediately family.  We therefore ensure our programmes target the households where the children come from through building their capacities  economically (IGAs, financial literacy, saving) so that they are able to support their children with the basic needs. We carry out community sensitization and training in various child Protection aspects within the communities thereby strengthening the community based mechanisms to tackle child protection related issues.  We also work with the schools especially the U.P.E supported schools within the communities through peer to peer outreaches, sanitation campaigns, debates to improve on their oral language and communication skills, etc.

In all our efforts, we want to see that children 0-5 years are health and secure, the school going age of 6-14 years are educated and confident and the young adults 15 -24 years are skilled and involved.  To achieve this, KAFOC works with a vibrant team of staff who have over the years acquired wide experience and commitment to handling issues of child protection and ensuring that the main vision and mission of the organisation is achieved. the staff are supervised by a board of members comprising of parents to whom accountability of project implementation and utilization of resources is given to on behalf of the parents. like I said before achieving the organisation objectives is a collective responsibility of parents, staff at community level, staff at the Secretariat and the board members the highest governing body of the organisation.

Our commitment to our goal and mission remains unshaken as we seek to establish ourselves as the leaders in dealing with all child protection issues in a comprehensive and effective way 

Prossie N Maraka 

Program manager 


Mission and Vision

KAFOC's VISION "an empowered community where children and youth are healthy, skilled and take part in their development agenda."

KAFOC's MISSION “to empower poor vulnerable children by building their capacities and those of families and host communities thereby increasing opportunities for them to realise their full potential”.


News and Announcements

Graduation of Youth of the Year 2021 Vocational Training Program


Kampala Area Federation of Communities (KAFOC) supported youths to enroll for Vocational Training and skilling program at Nile Vocational and Training Institute (NVI)- Jinja City and at Management Training and Advisory Centre, Nakawa - Kampala City. The youth who were identified pursued different vocational training trades/skills and they were enrolled in the year 2021 with all the related challenges of lockdowns for all educational institutions in a bid to prevent the further spread of the deadly COVID -19 Virus. This disrupted their training but nevertheless, they completed their training and this year, (2022), KAFOC held a ceremony that officially graduated them from the training as they were sent out to the outside world. They also received their training certificates on this day as they were officially conferred to them by the Program Manager - KAFOC in the presence of other staff and well wishers who came along to advise the youths about how to prosper after training. They were tipped about how to market themselves, behave well, be patient as new comers in the labor industry and above all staying focused as they chase their dreams.  

Upper Left: The KAFOC Program Manager hands over a certificate to one of the Graduands at the KAFOC Board room.

Upper Right: The KAFOC Program Manager (Extreme right) shares a Photo moment with the youths together with the KAFOC Program Officer (Extreme left).

Below: A well wisher and a professional in the industry gives advice and words of wisdom to the youths as they keenly listen.

What we do